Spider-man Cupcakes

Spider-man cupcakes for a little girl’s 5th birthday.

I, of course, found the ideas for the sugar cookies on the internet. My inspiration primarily came from iheartbaking.


Place them on top of chocolate cupcakes and a mound of chocolate buttercream, and you’ve got sugar overload.  Perfect for the younger crowd.


Buttercream on white cake topped with a chocolate spiderweb completes the birthday cupcake ensemble.

Ensemble is a fancy word. My mom would be proud.

*** Learn from my mistake: it’s best to package the chocolate spiderwebs layered in parchment paper in a cooler with ice and to assemble the cupcakes at the party. I usually travel about an hour with my creations and I had a few of the webs break and/or melted over before I arrived. (It’s one of those things that I *knew* was a bad idea while I was doing it, but couldn’t stop assembling once I started.)



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