Pot of Gold Cupcakes

Google image search is my best friend when it comes to inspiration.

You can imagine my glee when I saw this gem floating around:


Source: confessionsofacookbookqueen

I just knew I had to do my own version!


I based my cake on the Bailey’s Irish Cupcake recipe from AllRecipes and buttercream for the ‘rainbow’. A sugar cookie for the cloud, outlined in buttercream and dipped in sugar crystals.


Get it?

A cloud. Over a rainbow. The rainbow leading to a pot of gold.

I try.

I filled some cupcakes with M&Ms Minis:


And some with Reese’s Pieces:


I think the M&Ms Minis are cuter, but… you really can’t beat the combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

And, yes, I had a Hell of a time getting a good photo of the cupcakes cut in half, gold coins supposedly cascading from the pot. Thanks for asking.


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