The Easter Massacre, Part V – Oatmeal Jelly Bean Cookies

You should always listen to your parents.

Especially if you are a jelly bean.


Even if you are one of the black ones no one likes.


Never wander off alone.

You could get eaten.


Or chopped up into bits, thrown into batter and baked at 350 for about 10 to 12 minutes.


I had been staring at the jelly beans, wondering what I could possibly do with them. I thought they would probably be pretty tasty in an oatmeal cookie. I began an internet search for “Oatmeal Jelly Bean Cookies”, hoping to have something to base the recipe off of. I came upon the Extreme Oatmeal and Jelly Bean Cookies recipe from Robert Irvine.

It’s perfection. No alterations needed.


Honestly, I was a little frightened to try them. I mean, jelly beans? In a cookie? But they are amazing. I used spiced jelly beans in this particular instance, but I’m itching to try other types. Next Easter there might just be a million jelly bean cookie posts.


4 thoughts on “The Easter Massacre, Part V – Oatmeal Jelly Bean Cookies

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