Unicorn Baby Shower Cake

Sorry for the skipped post yesterday. I’ve been doing a lot of painting, and not a lot of baking. But I have a few treats to catch you up on.

Have you heard of the Viva Paper Towel method of frosting a cake? It’s frosting, but it’s suppose to look as smooth as fondant. It creates a “crust” that you can use a Viva paper towel and paddle to smooth to a nice, even finish.

At least that’s the theory.

The recipe I had failed abysmally.

When I tried to smooth out the surface, the paper towel stuck to the frosting. After hours of waiting, it never crusted over.


I tried the method on a very good friends baby shower cake. I was so upset the cake didn’t turn out how I envisioned. This friend is a fantastic cake decorator in her own right and she deserved a fabulous cake.


At least the unicorn is adorable.

For this figure, I did use gumpaste as the base and wrapped fondant around it. I used just fondant for the hair, horn, and ears. I renforced the horn and ears with toothpicks. There are straws under him, in the cake, to keep him from sinking. I learned a lot from my first attempt at figures on the Team Umizoomi Cake and this little guy ended up being really simple to make. Still time-consuming, but not frustrating, like last time.

And the friend I made this cake for? She’s the one I gave frantic texts to when I was having issues with the above mentioned cake.

Here’s the part where I’m suppose to share the amazing recipe for crusting frosting with you, but I can’t. It didn’t work. And now that I’ve tried the method, I’m determined to find the right recipe. Stay tuned for more adventures using the Viva paper towel method of frosting.


2 thoughts on “Unicorn Baby Shower Cake

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Sometimes I set high expectations for myself. My friend said she loved it, and that’s all that truly matters.

      I’m sure you would make the cutest unicorn alien ever made.

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