Super Simple Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers Cupcakes

I made these in the midst of moving.

There was a “Black and Gold” party at work and I brought in cupcakes (naturally). I needed something really easy, considering 99% of my baking supplies were packed up in boxes.


Using a thick, round tip, swirl on your frosting as flat as you can. If you so desired, you could smooth out the swirl marks with a small offset spatula, but it’s not necessary. Then add the basic design of your favorite sports team. I used the Pirates “P” on the chocolate cupcakes and the basic outline of the Steelers steel symbol on the vanilla cupcakes (looking at it now, I wish I had done more of an exaggerated diamond pattern).


If I had more time and supplies, I would have loved to have done the Pirate’s Parrot mascot. How cute are these Pittsburgh Pirates cupcakes from Cupcake Central?


Or these Pittsburgh Steelers cupcakes from Bethel Bakery?


Or How about this delicious Pirates Parrot Cookie I got at Giant Eagle?


<Yep, I ate that. The whole thing. No regrets.>

What is your favorite sports team?

Maybe you want to discuss how terrible the Steelers are doing? Or the rumor that the Pirates stole the  Steelers mojo. Or how the Pirates finally had a winning season after 22 YEARS? I’d rather discuss how the Steelers are going to beat the Jets on Sunday!

*I think from now on I will keep baking posts to Monday and any additional post, IF I have any, to Fridays. Try to keep things simple and predictable.


2 thoughts on “Super Simple Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers Cupcakes

  1. I would eat that stuffed cookie too! And I would devour your cupcakes any day! I’m not sure how well I could handle having my baking supplies all boxed up…..grrrr! Have a nice weekend!

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