Snookie is my beloved grandmother. Before she died in November 2007, she instilled in me a love of baking, Christmas, and yard sales.

My name is Heather and I originally hail from Northwestern Pennsylvania. I’m married to “Husband” and have a two year old boy I refer to as “Kid”.

Aren’t I original?

This site follows the trials and tribulations I face making baked goods for family and friends.

Contact me at: snookiescakes@gmail.com

Follow me on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/snookiescakes


10 thoughts on “About

  1. when did you do this?! its awesome and I am glad you did- maybe someday this will become a full time business?! I was just telling Daniel the other day you and Sheri need to open a bakery…. and by the way…I never got any of the cup cakes you sent with D- he forget to bring them over- :/ go figure… Love you chic- and keep up the great baking! hope your new kitchen proves/can be just as baker friendly!

  2. This is awesomeness! Sharron sent this to me today and it’s funny because I was talking to a friend who knew Snookie and we were talking about what a special person she was! We had a lot of laughs! I miss the slippers she used to make me! Good luck with your future business! ; ) by the way, this is Jill, Chris’ sister….

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