Angry Birds Birthday Party

Long time no see.

I won’t give you a long, waxing sob story about why I’ve been gone so long. Pretty much, I’ve been lazy. Yes, yes, I know. I missed Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Star Wars Day. I’m sorry!

Kid turned 3 and requested an Angry Birds party. Sadly, we are past the stage where he has no interest in his birthday and I get to do whatever the fuck I want. Luckily, we are behind on the Angry Birds trend and we got most of the party supplies on the cheap.

So if you are technologically handy cap and behind on trends, unlike high school, this works to your advantage.



The cake is made from buttercream stiffened with meringue powder. I think it gave the buttercream a strange flavor so I’m not going to share the recipe. It was easy to worked with and the cake turned out much better than then Unicorn Baby Shower Cake fiasco.

Pizza! (based from a Pin by The Joy of Boys)


A Little Decor!



The cake stand that held the cupcakes and cake is from Oriental Trading Company. I decorated it to suit my theme. I was going to make my own but decided why not try this first. I thought for $10 if was worth a shot. Very sturdy and I am going to be able to reuse it multiple times (if not forever).

Most of the decorations are also from Oriental Trading Company. Except the balloons were from Party City.

And yes, those are all horribly crappy cell phone pictures. What? I’m the only one who runs out of time and barely has the last decoration up before people start to arrive?


Tinkerbell Cupcakes

Favor’s for my niece’s 4th birthday party.


Like I’ve mentioned before, family goodies are usually a time for experimentation. I wanted to do something “artsy” with the sugar cookies, not just the usual Tinkerbell’s face, butterflies or flowers that go along with this theme.

Yet I still ended up doing Tinkerbell’s green dress, butterflies and flowerss. So I’m a hypocrite.


I outlined a few of Tinkerbell’s different poses on sugar cookies with a food marker, piped her dress and used sparkle gel for her wings. The chocolate cupcakes were topped with chocolate buttercream and the sugar cookie placed on top.

I really wanted to use an iridescent luster dust for the wings (something I’ve never worked with before), but it doesn’t seem to be popular in my neck of the woods (meaning I couldn’t find it anywhere!). I didn’t realize this in enough time to have the luster dust shipped or to make a road trip, so I made do with the pink sparkle gel.

I guess the lesson I learned this time around is make sure you can get the ingredients you want to experiment with. In a timely manner.


For the vanilla cupcakes, I piped a pink buttercream rose and added a sugar cookie butterfly, decorated with purple buttercream.


To package them as favors, I borrowed this idea from Bird On A Cake. I placed the cupcakes in a 10 oz plastic cup, placed the cup in a favor bag, made a cute (if I do say so myself) “Thank You” tag and tied it all up with a pretty ribbon.